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Waste Management

Let us help you reduce your environmental impact and operate your business safely with confidence with our waste management advice and compliance services. We can advise you on the correct and most appropriate methods of storing, disposal, handling and transporting waste including clinical waste.
“Fantastic knowledge and extensive experience of the waste and transport industry, I’ve been working with Chris to help me through my WAMITAB Certificate and I can’t thank him enough for the help and service he has provided to both sites in east London, would recommend these services, the explanation and detail is top class and Chris explains everything in a classroom setting with ease and patience.”
Anthony H

If you are unsure what environmental permit you need for your waste management, we can advise you on what you need and help with your application. Perhaps you are unsure if you need actually need a permit according to the Environmental Agency’s regulatory position statements. If you are operating without a permit when you need one, you are breaking the law so get in touch with our team of experts.

We can provide advice on many areas of waste management including:

  • Training such as EPOC (Environmental Permitting Operators Certificate) and WAMITAB (Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board) Qualifications
  • EA Waste Permit Register
  • Environmental Permit and Substantial Permit Variations
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • S1 and S2 waste exemption advice
  • Advice on clinical waste management classifications

Environmental Management System (EMS)

An EMS is a set of processes and practices that help organisations monitor, control and improve their environmental performance. An EMS is beneficial to every organisation, regardless of size and should help you continuously improve your environmental impact. Doing this, will also help your costs and your business become more efficient. They are a requirement for any company with a permit.

We can help you develop an EMS that suits and works for your business. This will save you money long-term and will ensure you are keeping compliant.


It is a legal requirement that all permitted sites have a nominated Technically Competent Manager (TCM) on site for an agreed percentage of hours.

You may be found to be non-compliant if you do not have a qualified member of staff available which could be costly for your business.

We can provide temporary qualified CIWM (Chartered Institute of Wastes Management) COTC (Certificate of Technical Competence) cover to ensure you are within the legal minimum attendance levels.

If you have staff members on holiday, sick leave or away from work for any other reason, get in touch so you can stay compliant.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a framework to follow to set up an effective environmental management system (EMS). Once conducted, it will assure staff and customers that your environmental impact is being measured and you are committed to it being improved.

Our ISO 14001 audits will help you provide evidence that you have an EMS in place and that you are following it. You may have a wide range of certifications and we can make sure you have the correct ones for the type of establishment that you have.

It is very important to continue being certified that not only do you have evidence of an EMS but that you and your team are following them.

To carry out the audit we review the documentation you have on your EMS and speak to members of staff. We will need information about your business relating to your environmental impact but we will help you get all this together so you will know exactly what to expect.

Ideally, you will have an audit annually as procedures can become outdated very quickly.

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