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Environmental Compliance

It's one of the most important parts of your business and if you are found being non-compliant, it may mean the end of your business and reputation so why leave it to chance that everything is ship-shape? We provide a whole range of services to make sure you are being environmentally compliant.
“Chris has been working along side us as our TCM for the last 6 months, exceedingly professional and knowledgeable, any issues we encounter are dealt with swiftly allowing us to carrying on with the important task of running our business. The service he provides is exceptional would definitely recommend his company”
A Potter

Environmental Compliance Consulting

We can provide a range of consultations to help you become compliant in areas such as:

  • Environmental Management
  • Site Investigations
  • Noise Surveys
  • Odour Monitoring

Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat on how we can help you reach environmental compliance.

Health & Safety

We can meet all your Health, Safety, and Environmental compliance needs, from doing simple risk assessments to developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Experts in their fields, our regulatory compliance consultants all hold at least the NEBOSH certification.

We can provide assistance complying with the End of Life Vehicle Directive and the training and tools required and safe methods of car depolluting.

Once the risks have been evaluated and risk assessments have been created, we will help you produce method statements. These are documents that show the correct way to handle the risks that have been identified.

To keep your staff and customers safe, it is vital that you and your team follow stringent health and safety procedures.

Fire Prevention Plans

If you are an operator who accepts combustible waste, you must have a comprehensive fire prevention plan, this includes waste metals (end of life vehicles (ELV) sites). We can help you create a thorough FPP strategy to ensure staff and visitors to your site are safe and your facilities.

A Fire Prevention Plan are designed to meet these three objectives:

  • minimise the likelihood of a fire happening
  • aim for a fire to be extinguished within 4 hours
  • minimise the spread of fire within the site and to neighbouring sites

We can help you create a plan that meets the objectives or propose alternative measures that may be more relevant to your site/ business.

The government website has information to find out if you need a FPP but ensuring your premises and procedures can be complex so get in touch to ensure you are keeping people, your site and the environment safe.

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